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Gadget cover
We all rely upon modern technology these days, so specialist Gadget Cover has never been more appropriate. You can insure all of your electronic items against accidental damage, theft and even mechanical failure. So that's your mobile phone, laptop, tablet, sat nav, camera, games console, MP3 player, e-book reader and much more all covered for one competitive price. Protect your electronic essentials with customised cover.
If you've ever lost your keys you'll know that it's no laughing matter. Locksmiths expenses for all the keys on your fob are covered if they are stolen, lost for 3 days, or if they are locked inside your home or vehicle. Replacement locks, immobiliser expenses and transport costs to get home, if you're unfortunate enough to be stranded, are also included. You can claim up to £1,500 per fob, per year. Insure yourself against the annoyance of lost keys today.
Learner Driver
When being added to a parent's, family-member's or friend's car insurance policy, learner drives can face huge premiums. Our Learner Driver Insurance can be taken out on a month-by-month basis, so learners only pay for the cover they need before passing their test. Also any claims are settled on the learner's policy, protecting the vehicle owner's no claims bonus. Take a look at our different Learner Driver Insurance today.
Flux Rescue
The nightmare of your vehicle breaking down puts all of your plans on hold. Hanging around by the roadside for hours, thwarted plans and costly callout charges mean comprehensive breakdown policies are essential for any road user. Flux Rescue includes cover for the insured vehicle for Home Call Service, UK and European Roadside Assistance and Recovery. It covers up to £3,500 worth of Roadside assistance, including 60 days cover in most EU countries. Get roadside peace of mind today.
Family Protection
With Family Personal Protection Cover from Flux Direct, you can receive a set payout in the event of a wide range of injuries – money you can use to aid recovery and see you back on your feet as soon as possible, pay medical and legal costs and recoup loss of earnings whilst family members are unable to work.
Total Loss
It's a fact of life that your vehicle will almost certainly lose value over time- the chances are you'll never get back what you paid for it. Total Loss Protection can help make depreciation a thing of the past in the unfortunate event of your vehicle being written off. Whilst your vehicle's insurer will only pay out its current market value, we will top this up by 25%, up to a maximum of £10,000.
Filling your diesel car with petrol is no laughing matter and certainly isn't amusing for your wallet. Now you can cover yourself against a misfuelling accident with a Misfuel policy. In the event of a claim, we will arrange the drainage and removal of the contaminated fuel, or we'll take you to the nearest garage, along with any trailer or caravan attached to the car and up to six passengers. We will also refuel your vehicle with up to £10 of the correct type of fuel. Get a quote now to ensure an easily made mistake won't cost you the earth.
You can protect yourself against hundreds of pounds worth of damage. Windscreen Cover insures your car against broken windows and damage to your windscreen, as well as any glass damage severe enough for your car to fail an MOT
Agreed Value
This policy means any offer will be based on the agreed value, rather than current market price value, in the event of a total loss to your vehicle. Whether your vehicle is modified, classic or just simply something a little out of the ordinary. Secure your vehicle's real value today.
Personal Protection Cover
Nobody likes to think about the possibility of being seriously injured in a road accident, but unfortunately it can happen maling Personal Protection Cover vitally important. Personal Protection Cover will pay out additional compensation in the event of accidental death, loss of sight, loss of limbs and road rage assault. Cover your family today.
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